Sunday, November 14, 2010

Harry Potter Appreciation Week {Day 1}

I love Harry Potter...I mean really L-O-V-E. I was in 6th grade when the first book came out and have anticipated each new book from then on. When the 7th book came out I was engaged, I grew up with these books and am attached In a crazy fan fanatic way. Larry thinks its funny because no matter how many times I have read them or listened to them {the are on constantly at our house, while cleaning, sleeping, doing hw etc.} I never get sick of them...they are like old friends. I figured with the movie coming out this week we better celebrate!

Sadly though I will not be seeing the movie at midnight for the first time :( Im a mom know and little baby comes first. Also my brother John who is serving a mish in Japan will not being seeing the movie with me for the first time as well.

So to honor my friend Harry we are kicking off HP week here on my blog!!

Larry asked me which hallow I would choose. I want the wand aka the dealth stick and all the power. Larry wants the cloak to be sneak and such. How about you?


  1. I'll have to think about that Hallow question, hmmm.... But I am totally with you. We are having a Harry Potter First 6 movie Marathon this weekend overe here at our house and last night I informed Orlando that I would be the best at forming a Patronus charm- he laughed at me for ten minutes. But its true, I would be an awesome witch. :)

  2. I'd probably choose the cloak and rob a bunch of banks. yup.