Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday Recap

Max was a terror and took a 4 hour nap in the afternoon.{Hallelujah} Went for a walk. Some cousins came from abroad but really it was very small gathering because other cousins were in Utah. It was fun we ate, talked, and did some quilting in the evening. Overall it was great.

My grandpa Draper would say "My cup runneth over" I love him. That is how I feel right now, very thankful for the things I have.

Hope your day was great! I have no pictures to document the event, oh well.

The next day my mom, me and max hit Johann's Fabric store. It was fun, got some great fabric and were out in the madness of black Friday.

We sent Larry off back to San Diego on Sunday to study his guts out for 2 weeks, take his finals, then come back up to El Dorado Hills for a couple of hopefully relaxing weeks before the next semester begins. He is working his hot butt off and I know he will be great. Can't wait to see him.

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  1. wait? so you're in EDH from now till christmas? that's awesome. probably so nice to get to do stuff with your mom while larry is neglecting you because he is trying to be successful in life.. ;) so sad, but so true. glad you had a happy thanksgiving. christmas will be awesome b/c we all will be there. hopefully you stay in edh, and not visit utah while we're in CA. :) miss you!