Saturday, June 26, 2010

Its all about Max

I hope everyone realized that its all about Max now on this blog! Haha. Kinda. Its been crazy having him here. I am pretty emotional still and no one tells you about that! I am super happy then super sad in a second its weird but we are working those things out. Larry is super dad and the best man ever. He is patient with Max and with me and I know he appreciates me bring this baby into our lived but man I appreciate him for all he does for us. The day Max was born I called the bookstore and said I am done the baby is here so I am not returning to work and Larry will finish up in about 2 weeks so then we can pack and move to California. its nuts...never do this people! Never have a baby right before your husband goes to law school, let alone your first baby and move we are nuts! But its all good haha. Here is my beautiful boy. He is such a good baby so far except for nursing. He is a horrible nurser and I have been pumping about 3 times a day just sitting on the couch pumping away...I dunno how much longer I will be doing that. The nurses just say its because he is so little and to keep trying I already feel my milk going away so its stressing me out!

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