Wednesday, January 18, 2012

We Survived!

The stomach flu hit our house hold thursday night. It was a blur of days filled with vomit, poop, cranking people, sleepless nights and a lot of clorox wipes. Thankfully all my prayers paid off and I did not get sick. Sick 7 month pregnant mom taking care of sick babies and husbands really doesn't work out so thankfully I was able to keep it together, clean up multiple accidents and wash our sheets lots of times. Max always found opportune times to puke like at 3 am all over Larry and me...sweet memories we are making. But Sunday afternoon everyone was on the mend except for Max who still has the occasional runs. My sister-in-law was battling the illness at her house as well so it was a super fun 3 day weekend for us. I don't know how many baths, loads of laundry, or times I washed my hands but it felt like a million. I am so thankful everyone is healthy-ish and that the house no longer smells. Hope it doesn't hit anyone else's house!

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