Wednesday, January 11, 2012

29 weeks...and other mom ramblings.

I went into the Dr. today for my 29 week appointment. The baby looks good, small but good and my fluid level is normal for now! Its a love hate relationship with my fluid levels. Sometimes its nice to have a concern because then you get above and beyond care but then there is a worry as well. For now everything is good though in that area. The baby is not too active though and I don't feel too much movement. My placenta is right up front so if the baby kicks I barely feel it so thats kinda annoying because that is one true indicator if something is wrong but its harder to tell with me.

I continue to let my Dr. know how anxious I am about this labor. I really really do not want to have a baby in the car so I am crossing my fingers that she will induce me but we will have to wait awhile to see. Lets all hope because rapid births are all to real in my family:) I have gone through all the baby clothes again and organized them and we are moving Max into his own room next week! No more closet baby! So things are starting to feel more real as the weeks go by. We are getting pretty excited and nervous to be adding another family member to the mix but I can't wait to hold this little guy and tackle being a mom of 2. Hopefully I survive.

Max has been very helpful with organizing the baby clothes and helping me clean his new room. He has no clue what is going on...he doesn't even understand my belly is getting larger and that kicking me or hitting me there is a naughty thing. Its been a challenge to parent him as he is starting to gain his own personality and independence. He is pretty sweet natured but boy he can be so dang stubborn about things its hard to keep your patients and really try to teach him why he can or cannot do certain things.

Anyways I know that no one cares about these things but I want to remember and look back when things were nuts and I was in the thick of having and raising kids and remember the funny, challenging, and joyful moments.

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