Thursday, January 12, 2012

All In A Days Work.

8:00 am- Max wakes up
8:05- Change a huge explosion diaper, dress him.
8:10-feed Max some breakfast...most ends up on the floor
9:00- go up stairs to find throw up ALL over Max's crib, door, sheets, floor...everywhere. Spend the next hour and a half cleaning up the dry throw up. Not so fun for a 7 month pregnant women to be scrubbing on her hands and knees while Max is trying to help and climb on my back.
10:30-Wash sheets, air out house, fabreeze the heck out of the closet
11:00-take Max for a walk
11:30- change his blow up diaper again and put him in fresh clothes, wrestle him to get medicine down his throat and put him into bed.
12:00- Listening to his crying praying he will go to sleep so I can wash the smell of vomit, and poop off me and feed myself and my unborn child.
12:30-All is you think Im off the hook? Or maybe he puked again and fell asleep in it like he did last night.

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  1. We also had the flu in our house. Its not so fun to take care of a sick baby, i couldnt imagine being pregnant at the same time!