Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Today was such a beautiful day. Max insisted we go on 2 walks, and then played outside until it was bath time. Days when Larry works all day and has class till about 10 at night can be long. 14 hours of him being gone 4 days a week tend to drag on but when I am able to stay busy, work on projects, and entertain Max with the great weather it makes the day go faster. Max really is in such a fun stage. He understands words, can sometimes talk back, and loves to play all day. He makes me laugh constantly with the little things he does. When I say "Where is your nose?" he will promptly stick his finger up his nose...his dad taught him that. Its pretty fun though and sometimes hard to not laugh.

Larry has finished all his midterms so that relief and craziness is done yet again for what the 10 million time? We still have a long time till graduation and the state bar but every week we get closer and closer. He has been working so hard and every time I see his bosses they always are so complementary towards him. Its great to see our savings account multiply month after month. It makes me feel so good to know we are working hard together towards our goal of a beautiful house here in El Dorado Hills.

Living with my parents really has been amazing. We couldn't get into a house sooner any other way, unless I went back working as a nurse. It is tempting sometimes to want to work because the income is so good but I know that we make it fine on Larrys and home is where I should be. I am so grateful thought I have an education and a valuable skill. I know so many women who need the second income but don't have the education to really have it be worth their time. Its a constant comfort I am grateful for. Its been fun planning meals with my mom and having Max know and be familiar with everyone here and his Martin cousins are always to willing to play with him.

I like writing down these things as the months go by so I can look back and remember how hard things have been and how far we have come. Hard things will always be in our lives but I do feel that once law school is finished and Larry has his JD and huge heavy burden will be lifted. But I want to remember how even though it was hard there was always some good constant things in our lives.

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