Friday, October 14, 2011

My thoughts on looking Young...

You know whats really funny...the fact that people think im 13 on a consistent basis. The other day I answered the door and the person asked if my parents were home. My dad thought it was pretty funny, being that I am old enough to own a house, and that this very well could have been my house with my child running around in the background.

Also I've been driving the sweet minnie van around, its basically my sweet new ride that my parents have bestowed on me. I loved it when some man came up to me as I was loading kids into the car and asked if I was old enough to be driving a van.

I was watching a few of my nephews the other day along with Max and some lady asked if these were my kids. I said no and she say oh thank goodness you are far to young. I then proceeded to point to Max and say he was mine and this baby bump was #2...she was speechless.

I know I know you're thinking but AnnMarie you are 24 going on 25 how can people think your so young. I have decided people see what they want to see and I look young. I also have started to give them the benefit of the doubt...yeah without makeup I look like I am in High School so its okay. Its just funny that it happens about everyday.

Some new guy at church thought Max was my little brother and another lady at Sams Club expressed to my mom how hard it must be for her to have a daughter so young have a baby. The lady felt pretty dumb when my mom informed her I was happily married and a college grad.

In the end they always say I am going to love it when I am 40...yeah right I am sure. I get treated differently and get a different level of service...until people realize I am an mom saw that first hand. I also am always worried about Max's appearance because I think people are thinking at least if he has a teenage mom she is taking good care of him.

I will look back and laugh at all these memories when I am old and wrinkly right?

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  1. Wow. I cannot believe how rude that woman at Sam's Club was. That's not even something you say to a stranger. Really now.