Wednesday, October 5, 2011


We spent all afternoon outside in the cool weather. Its so much nicer to watch and play with Max when I am not melting away. It really is a beautiful time of year in northern California. Max is so funny when he plays outside. He throws his balls around everywhere then chases them all down. He has a large collection of big and small bouncy balls that he screams ball every time he sees them. He loves being outside, anytime he is grumpy it lifts his little spirits to run wild, scream and laugh in the backyard.

It's so easy to please him and I love that. He is growing up so fast. His little personality makes me laugh everyday. Yesterday there were 5 big turkeys in the backyard and he was screaming and trying to chase them, but then when they got to close he ran for it. It was so funny to watch him try to figure out what these things were and why they were bigger then him. Its so amazing that I get to stay home with him day to day. I couldn't image a better way to live my life then in the survice of motherhood.

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