Thursday, September 29, 2011

Whats going on day to day for us...

Its really funny to watch a 15 month old socialize. Whenever we go to the park Max is always happier when there are children there. Sometimes we go and its just me and him and he doesn't want to stay long. Other times when there is kids its hard to get him to go. Its so funny to watch him go up to kids his age or sometimes 3 times his age and want to play with them. He is sometimes a little too friendly and tries to hug them and the freak out. He is so cute though he just wants little friends.

Joann's Fabric store is opening next friday and I am way excited about this new store coming to town. Its not technically in EDH but down the hill in Folsom so its basically where we live. So excited to get to go there for the big grand opening!

I am trying 2 new recipes over conference weekend. We will see how they go. I am a little nervous because they call for ingredients we never use.

I have been watching way to many BBC miniseries in the evening when Larry is at school. By the end of the day I am so wiped out alls I want to do is zone out on some good british love drama. Oh my those Brits are all about the drama and they are such gossips. I guess thats what I would do it I lived in a time before the radio or TV.

Max wears his halloween costume every day. Not all day long but for small chunks of the day. I can't resist putting it on him he looks so cute and really why should he only get to wear it one day for the holiday? Can't wait to post pictures once I get a descent on of him.

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  1. Do you like "Downton Abby?" A great BBC miniseries!