Sunday, September 4, 2011

Max Crashes Hard.

Max took an awful spill yesterday. His mouth his the corner of a tile ledge and there was blood everywhere. Now being a nurse I know what to do but man its so different with your child. After he was calmed down, and cleaned up it was time to look at his mouth and teeth. Thank goodness all his 10 teeth were intact but he tore some of this gum and it bleed for a while. After calling a pediatric dentist in our ward he said it was typical place for toddlers to get hurt and that the pooling of blood and blood blister would take a couple weeks to heal. Poor little max. This all had happened during the 4th quarter of the BYU game so it was a bit hectic! So glad max will be okay. Its hard to watch your child cry and be in pain and not feel responsible. Today he is running around and pulling everything out of everywhere so he is back to his typical happy self. Its pretty amazing how little kids can get hurt and heal so quickly.

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  1. Spencer fell on his face and tore part of his gums. They bled forever so I know what you mean!