Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Toddler Max!

So Max turned the ripe age of 15 months this week. He has been grouchy and fussy all week. I think there might be more teeth coming but who knows. He is such a doll. He has learned to escapes from the house and I found him across the street at the mail box the other day. We now have to keep all doors locked at all times. Whenever someone in the house is leaving he thinks he is going with them, even when he is not. He has learned if we give him the keys he goes to the door and waits for us to open it then takes the keys to the car, hes a pretty smart kid. He has learned to fake laugh courtesy of John who has been watching him for me while I take CE credits to keep my nursing licence current. The other day my mom put socks on his hands and he thought it was the funnest thing. He stacks blocks kicks them down, throws balls and loves going on walks. My mom and I can walk for an hour just pushing him in his stroller and he won't make a peep. He is still taking 2 long naps and day thank goodness and sleeps all night. He is a sweet little guy.


  1. I can't believe how much Max is growing up. He looks a lot like you. You have a cute family.

  2. Is the CE thing only for in CA? Because I need to get some because I still don't have a nursing job and don't want my license to expire!