Friday, September 2, 2011

14.5 months

Well Im sorta a slacker on the blogging lately. We have just been really busy with guess what SCHOOL :) Larry works all day then goes to school... its hard, we don't see him very often in the week. Max only sees him 3 times a week because he is always asleep when larry gets home from school and leaves for work the next day. Its hard but we are going to see such a reward in the end {right?}. It also helps a lot that I am not alone all the time so being husbandless 99% of your life isn't as bad.

On to Max. He is 14 1/2 months and into everything. He has learned to run away from me and has learned to throw his diaper outside when I am done changing it. He is into everything, and that is not an exaggerations. Once he is finished destroying on place in the house he quickly moves on to another. His favorite pass time is going through all the kitchen cabinets and taking all the silverware out and spreading it around the house. He is starting to get on his tippy toes and reach for door handles and thinks when he has an empty cup it needs to be taken to the fridge right away to be refilled.

He likes to sing to himself in his crib...or his lair as my dad likes to refer to it, which his place he takes things and hides them his crib which is yes still in my parents closet. He loves to go outside and thinks anytime some has keys in their hands it means Max gets to go outside. He loves to go on bike rides with Larry to the park and slide down the slides. He is such a funny little boy. He loves going to the splash pad which is sadly closed for the winter season even though the high today is 101 :)

He smiles and everyone he is familiar with and scowls at people he doesn't know. He says a few tangled words but loves to scream "Dave" really loud whenever David comes into the room, so I think he is saying David but who really know. Hopefully he starts saying more words in the new few months. I still know what he wants though and he communicates well by taking your hand and taking you to what he wants its funny. He is getting to be such a big boy!

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