Saturday, October 23, 2010

EL Dorado Hills

Babies babies everywhere!! I have been in EDH for 2 weeks because lets face it being a law school wife is the pits {but being a student is probably worse} Anyways Larry the best husband ever surprised me with a ticket and I got to come up here for 2 lovely weeks. We leave on Wednesday but I have been able to work on so many projects...aprons, baby blankets, car seat covers its been great!

My sister-in-law Carlene Martin had here 6th baby on October 5th and my other sister-in-law Christine came down from Oregon with her 9 month old and 2 toddlers {her other 4 big kids got left at home} So....with all our babies around its been so fun. We have gone shopping, and made a huge trip to the fabric store with 3 infants and 3 toddlers it was crazy 2 hours later we escaped with only minor melt downs.
Brooklyn 9 months, Max 4 months, and AJ 2 weeks

I also got to see one of my best friends Jill Taylor who has a darling little girl named Carmen who is about a month younger then Max. It was so fun seeing her and her family hanging out at their house talking like old times in high school. She is the best!
My parents have loved having Max around and let me sleep which is so nice. We have done alot of fun projects including going to homemaking and cleaning Carlene house and letting her sleep and holding her sweet newborn. I love being home it makes me want to work hard to be able to buy a house here and make it permanent eventually. Also its so nice and rainy and cool which makes it feel so much like fall and the holidays are coming!

whew...Max is exhausted from all our partying {we do miss daddy though}

Have a great weekend!

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  1. aw you and jill look like such cute little moms! Jealous you get to be in edh!