Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chruch and such...

I love our new ward. We have hit the jackpot it really has been fun and everyone is so friendly. It makes me look forward to Sundays and I actually know peoples names and phone numbers haha. Sounds dorky but when you move to a new state, ward, city your ward becomes your family and is a great way to meet new friends and Im just so excited and feel blessed. This entire San Diego thing might work out minus the heat its time to stop with that :)

Funny things this week...

Max found his feet and likes to hold them

Max rolled over!!

AJ Martin was excited to see the new baby this week

I picked larry up from a study group...3 girls and larry haha they all held Max and loved him up and were super sweet, good thing I am not a jealous wife :)

Larry bought me season 5 of happy

I had a huge melt down consisting of late and missed Dr. appointments for Max resulting in me thinking child servises was going to come pick him a little tired and emotional.

Max has decided to stop sleeping well and wants to be up 2 times during the night..DISS like!

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  1. I'm glad that you love your ward. They really are like your family when your away from family. That how we came to have such good friends. We love you guys and miss you terribly.