Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My New 8 Month Old...

My sweet Noah turned 8 months today! So much has happened these last months, and I can't believe how fast it has gone by. I sounds cliche but really it is going way to fast! Slow down baby! Noah is such a happy smiley boy who loves to laugh, and get lots of attention! He really is such a bright spot in my life, and everyday I am so grateful I am his mom!

8 months round up...

  • Weights 21 pounds
  • Wears 12 month clothes and proudly.
  • takes 2 long naps during the day 
  • Has 5 teeth!! He was a vampire up top for awhile but now his front teeth are coming in. Funny right? Whose baby gets their side teeth first? 
  • Still doesn't sleep through the night :) He loves seeing me at least once still. 
  • Crawls everywhere! He is so fast and busy busy busy! 
  • Can pull himself up pretty much on everything especially the couch. 
  • babbles constantly and loves to scream.
  • smiles constantly.
  • loves food! Especially sweet potatoes and crackers.
  • loves putting things into his mouth...drives me nuts.
  • loves taking baths with his brother, hes a huge hazard in there! 
  • Can climb the stairs {brand new skill today!} has no clue how to get down. 
  • Responds to his name.
  • crawls after Max like a little puppy dog.
  • wants to be right in the thick of the action from folding laundry to cleaning the bathroom.
There is so much to say and remember about this boy. He is so busy, I feel like I am wrestling him into his clothes and diapers. He is a chunky heavy boy, and every time I hoist him into a shopping cart while he is in his car seat, I keep thinking my arms will pop off. He is a heavy breather, and has a loud squeaky laugh. He has dark eyes but they are not blue or knows yet. 

I am so in love with this boy! I love staying home with my boys, I feel so grateful to be there everyday for them the good and the bad. I want to remember so much, I feel like already things are being forgot. I    can't believe that 8 months ago I pushed him out...and the wham he is turning into this little boy. He loves to be talked to, and he loves playing with Max. Max is starting to get better at sharing and I love hearing him say "Come here Noah" in his little toddler voice. I wouldn't have these guys any other way. {most of the time...maybe a little less cranky sometimes} 

Noah, your amazing please keep being so awesome because I can't get enough of you! 
Look at those teeth!! I have decided once your baby has teeth and can climb the stairs it's time for a new baby! I think Noah and Max are ready for some more playmates! 

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