Thursday, December 13, 2012

Life Lately According To Instagram...

I promised myself I am going to be better at getting real pictures from a camera not my phone over the next few weeks. I also need to blog more. Sheesh a lot has did you know it rained for 5 days straight in EDH. Yes we went stir crazy and hit up bounce town. We also celebrated Thanksgiving and quickly went right into geting our chirstmasy spirt on!

Noah started crawling like a mad baby and now does the stairs and pulls him self up on everything. He also started sleeping through the night {FinallY!!} we are all happy here. Max is super into Santa, and all our nativities around the house. You don't know cute until you hear your 2 year old playing with the baby jesus and all the animals from the other room. I made a dozen carmel apples for Larry's office and have started the baking/candy making for all our friends. 

We are happy, busy, and healthy. Love this season. And you know what, it gets 100 times better with kids. The lights, the magic, surrounded by family, Max is soaking it all in and loving it all!  
I feel like I am totally in my element with the decorating, party throwing, shopping, and cooking. It really makes me appreciate being a stay at home mom & wife! Shout out to Larry for making this all happen :) He finished his 5th semester of law school this week and quickly went straight back to work without a complaint. We have tons of fun things planed for the rest of the month, hopefully I can keep up document them all! 

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