Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Did you know...

That both my kids are teething right now. Hurray for us. That is what happens when you have kids close in age...It's defiantly one of the negative things about that. Poor little Noah's top 4 teeth are all swollen and coming in at the same time. It makes for some nasty runny noses and some very very cranky days. The poor little guy just crawls around crying as his nose runs like a hose. On the other hand we have Max whose bottom molars are breaking through, it's the last of his teeth to come in and boy does he have some high temps and awful diapers. I know you all love these gory details.

Needless to say we've had some cranky long afternoons, and are counting our blessings for baby Tylenol! Having teething kids is one of the things I pretty much hate because there is so little as a mom I can do and I get frustrated with the diapers, wiping endless noses, and endless crying. But when my sweet Noah finally feel asleep in my arms, his deep breathing and sweaty body due to the fever against mine just made me so grateful, or when Max said, thanks mom for changing a particularly gross diaper made me once again think despite the awfulness of it all that these boys are mine and I am so grateful everyday for that!

So teething fairy that decided to do double duty at our house...please go away or let those sweet baby teeth come in fast so we can get it all over with! Because this mamma is ready for some not so cranky, happy kids! Thanks!

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