Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Weekend 2015

Conference landed this year on Easter weekend so we spent the better part of Saturday listening to the sessions. The boys napped and played with legos so I was able to hear some talks. In the late afternoon we met up with the cousins to do an easter egg hunt. It was a nice warm afternoon and perfect for the kids to hunt some eggs and to play all together. We are so lucky to have all these cousins near by and to do so many things with them. I love getting to sit around and talk while the boys play and the girl cousins take scout and go off with her to give her endless attention.

The next morning the boys slept in which is abnormal but were very excited for their easter baskets. We don't do too large so it takes away the true celebration of Easter but it was fun to munch on their candy while they played with some new ninja turtle toys.

Max really gets the meaning of Easter and has learned a lot about Jesus and the resurrection. He was only slightly confused as to why his Great Grandma Draper who passed away years ago doesn't live with us and he kept telling Great Grandpa Draper that his wife would be resurrected at Easter and come to live with us in our house. He didn't understand why she wasn't here because it was Easter! Such a sweet spirit and sentiment from a 4 year old. We had to tell him that everyone will be resurrected when Jesus comes again, I don't know how satisfied he was with that answer but he finally stopped asking where she was. I love how concerned he is for Grandpa Draper.

I am grateful I get to share my testimony with my children daily of my believe in Jesus Christ, but It is extra special to share it on Easter. It is also extra special when we get to hear the gospel messages from our church leaders on Easter and to hear our dear prophet President Monson speak. He is looking old and tired but still such a love for the members our of church and a stead fast testimony in our redeemer.

Because of Jesus Christ I am forgiven of my sins, because of him I can live again with my family and because of him I can be a mother. I have a burning testimony that Jesus Christ lived and walked on this earth. That he was the perfect example and through him we can all be made whole, all the wrongs can be made right and we can return to live in heaven again.

I hope to teach my children these things, I hope I can help them gain a testimony and to know what a celebration Easter is! I hope that can feel their saviors love for them! Oh how I love this family of mine! Look how big they are getting?!

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