Sunday, March 29, 2015

Noah's 3rd Birthday!!

We celebrated Noah's 3rd birthday with all our little friends. It was such a fun night filled with good friends, a bunch of little kids running wild and playing and of course has some awesome decor! Noah is really into "bad guys" and "good guys" so we threw him a super hero party!! It was so perfect and he was so excited when he woke up from his nap to see the house all decorated just for him! My favorite thing of the night was watching him blow out his candles and get sung Happy Birthday to. His face light up with everyone who loves him dearly sang to him. I almost cried because I knew in that moment he felt so loved and special. One reason I love to celebrate anything but mostly birthdays is because it's a great way to make that one special person feel so loved that day. He most certainly felt that and hopefully will remember a little bit of that day!

Some of my favorite things about Noah are:
  • His big brown eyes
  • His big toothy smile!! 
  • His chubby hands and feet 
  • He has an infectious laugh
  • He loves his family and always talks about our family 
  • He loves to read books!
  • He gets feisty and will tell me he doesn't like me when he is in a bad mood
  • He is a good sleeper and takes great 3 hour naps daily...which we all need him to do!
  • He plays well outside...unless its quiet then he typically has escaped the backyard and is running around the streets. 
  • He is a parrot and it's funny to hear the things he will repeat. He loves to say "Hey mom I love your guts" 
  • He head bonks
  • Still loves his paci and bottle
  • Yesterday he yelled at me I needed to potty train him
  • Loves water! 
  • Loves to destroy anything and everything. 
  • Loves to fight the bad guys 
  • Is protective of his siblings.
There are so many things I love about Noah. He makes me tired and his very testing of the limits as well. He gets lost a lot or hides and won't come out. Im sure he has taken some years off my life for that! He escapes nursery almost weekly and has the catch phrase down of..."Because I really really want to!!" that is his answer to every question. He has colored all over his body, walls, and bedding more times then I'd like to admit. He is ticklish and playful and will use those big set of teeth if he wants on you! He loves his grandma and grandpa and calls Great grandpa "Great Draper"'s the cutest thing alive. 

Noah my dear, I love you SO much! I love to kiss your chubby cheeks and squeeze you hard when I am hugging you. I love the way you take a drink and then sigh loud like it was such a satisfying drink! I love that you are curious and smart and are always up for doing something like going to the park or taking a hike. I hope we can teach you to behave better and to not escape so much. I hope one day I don't have to lock you in my bedroom when I am putting the other kids to bed just to make sure you're nice and safe in there and won't run off! I hope that you never lose your ability to laugh or to play well with other kids. I hope you and Max have the best brother relationship and that you can be best friends together. Your dad and I love you so much and couldn't imagine our lives without you!



As you can tell it was on big fun party!! We love Noah so much and are so excited that he is 3 years old!! I just asked him what the best thing about being 3 is and he said that he gets to go on air plane now that he is a big boy! And going to the park with Max! I hope he knows just how much I love him and that even though I am happy he is growing up it is also a little sad to see the little bits of toddler and a babyhood leaving him as the days go by! Love you Super Noah!! 

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