Saturday, March 28, 2015

Beautiful Zoo Day!

Today we went to the Zoo in the morning, It is really Noah's Birthday today! But we celebrated his party last night (will blog about that soon) The weather was amazing, perfect spring morning. It wasn't too busy and we had fun chasing everyone around the zoo. 
This girl is a dream, but she doesn't like sitting, she wants to be held or crawling around which makes my arms tired and sometimes not fun to bring to things like the zoo but she is a doll and I love her so much! 
We usually do the train at the end of the zoo after we go to the reptile house but this time we did the creosol because that is what Noah wanted to do. I stayed with Scout and watched the boys run on and pick their animals they liked. Every time they came around they waved and yelled look mom look! These kids have such a good life they have no clue how good they have it, and that is how it should be really. 
There is Noah our big 3 year old! He loved sitting on the fish Nemo and was sad to leave. I love him so much he is a fire cracker and he makes me exhausted, I am constantly watching him to make sure he doesn't run off but I love him so much. He is so cute and has filled my life with a lot of love. He says "mom I love your heart" how cute is that?? Happy 3rd birthday Noah, may this year be a little more calmer for you :)!! 

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