Friday, July 9, 2010


Do you think my breast milk tastes like pretzel M &M's because that's all I've been eating these days. Maybe that is why I am only still pumping an once out every feeding...

Have a great weekend!
Happy Birthday to my Grandpa Draper! We love you.


  1. haha, I used to think my milk probably tasted like reeses pieces cuz that was all I ate right after I had the boys...too funny! glad to know your brain works like mine...

  2. DUDE! Annemarie i am blog stalking you knwo...just so you know. i'm at

    I'm so glad I'm not the only one that loves those M&M's! Seriously direct revelation from heaven, although i wish they would make peanut butter ones :) and im pretty sure my kid lived off of chocolate milk his first three months so its all good!

  3. PS why cant i type/spell right? because prego-brain never does go away...

  4. ok one more rant. I just read your "things i love" column and about had a heart attack. Is there anything we don't have in common??!!! so crazy. why were we not friends in high school? Anyways, enjoy your cute Max and sandy beaches :)