Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Meeting the other Grandparents!

Can I tell you how amazing it has been to be able to spend time with Max and Larry all day. Larry has quit his job leaving us with some free weeks before the move and law school and it has been the biggest blessing. Larry is the biggest help. I mean sometimes I feel like I am not doing anything and Larry is doing it all. Max really has been a great baby and hardly cries, he sleeps, and sleeps some more. We have to wake him up to eat or he would never wake up!

Larry will stay up late to do those feedings allowing me to sleep until 6 or 7 am then he sleeps in and I get up and start my day, its been great and really we haven't had one or those nights when Max never wants to go down or anything its a big blessing!

My parents are in town for about a week and its been great. They met Max and we have been taking him everywhere doing fun things. My mom thought she could come and help now because its at the point where your not living off adrenaline anymore and you really need sleep, but when she got here she was surprised to see we were great so we have been just going everywhere. We went to Kennecott Copper Mine the other day and have been spending time at my Grandpa Drapers in Provo. Its been really fun to hang around his house, eat, and have visitors come over and meet sweet Max.

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