Friday, July 2, 2010

First Bath!

We finally got to wash this little boy down! After many days of peeing on himself and milk dribbling on his little body and spit up he was beginning to sorta smell. His cord fell off on Tuesday and thanks to my amazing co-workers at the bookstore we got plenty of bath supplies to get him all clean. He was so gross with milk smell and pee and pooh smell so he needed to be cleaned back up and smelling new baby fresh.
He really did not enjoy the entire experience and screamed almost all the way through until we wrapped him up in his cute duck towel. He smells better now though and hopefully with time he won't scream so much. Larry thinks I had the water to cold...I wasn't sure its hard to know whats hot for a baby or not! Its funny probably to watch how we interact together taking care of this little guy. Larry is much more even kill and I am always worried and fussing over him. I wake up a night sometimes making sure he is breathing I know thats probably pretty normal. He still is such a good mellow baby, we love him.

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  1. He is super cute AnnnMarie. I love the bath gear you have.