Saturday, February 22, 2014

Introducing the boys to the...Fish Hatchery!

This beautiful spring day inspired me to get the boys out and do something different. We haven't taken them to the fish hatchery before or at least since I can remember so we took the boys down to feed some fish and get some son. Noah is an animal lover to the heart so anything with feeding them is right up his ally. Max is more timid but loves to try to be brave like Noah! (His words) 
Max is such a happy boy. I know the picture is blurry below but here are the boys hanging around with some salmon eggs! The kids loves feeding the fish I am sure Noah got some in his mouth, but he loves throwing the food in then seeing the millions of tiny fish make the water go crazy eating the food. Next time maybe we will catch the salmon run with the salmon going up the ladders.

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