Monday, February 17, 2014

A trip to Fairy Tale Town!

We once again went to fairy tale town this weekend. It was nice being out in the crisp spring air with Larry to make it an even team 2 parents against 2 boys! Max really love this place and Noah is getting into it too. Love that we have such a cute place to take the boys to to let them play and learn about fairy tales. Always makes for a great day with lunch and naps afterwards. 

Love this picture on the right of Noah trying to go down the slide by himself. He goes down on his belly and Larry on the side watching over him. Best dad that larry! 

Max hasn't discovered this pirate ship yet so it was a cool place for him to play. He is just in the best age ever his imagination is growing and he is getting into role playing so this ship was perfect for him! Larry took the photo below, those blue eyes are beautiful! 

 This snap shot of Noah just cracks me up, he climbed up there all by himself and got stuck. That baby and his pacifier, we don't know how to take it away?! He might have it forever! 

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